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A professional mediator from the Law Offices of Laurie Peters can be the key assistance you need to resolve your Southern California legal case. Case mediation is an excellent tool to use to shorten the time and expense of even the most complex legal issue.

Mediation is Cost Effective

Mediation is advantageous to both sides, because it avoids a lengthy courtroom battle, and allows both sides to participate in reaching an agreement that they both can live with.  Once you go to court, the decision process is taken away from you.

Law Offices of Laurie Peters

When you work with the Law Offices of Laurie Peters, you will be working with legal professionals who are experienced in helping clients resolve a broad range of legal issues. Our paralegals also have Law Degrees, and they always work very closely with clients to achieve the goals that are set for each individual case.

Southern California mediation services lawyer

Laurie Peters is known for her excellent work as a Southern California mediation services lawyer. She provides clients professional mediators to work through even the most contentious and difficult matters. Typical cases brought to her Camarillo, CA, law office include:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Civil Harassment
  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Disputes
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Custody Disputes
  • Most other Disputes

The Law Offices of Laurie Peters has been serving Ventura County and and others throughout California since 2006.  She is a respected member of the community and belongs to many professional California Bar associations, including the Ventura County Law Bar Association and the Ventura County Family Law Bar Association.   She has worked as a settlement officer for the Ventura County Superior Court.


Settle legal disputes with mediation services from the Law Offices of Laurie Peters. Call  Today to schedule to start the process with the assistance of qualified mediator, call us at (805) 484-6885.


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